Text Analysis

Fall in love with words

Our emotion analyser will help you write great headlines. We used it to compose the poetic and catchy line above.
5 emotions

Send any word or phrase or sentence into our translator and we’ll return the proportion of the following 5 emotions: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.


Every day we analyse thousands of new lines of texts and millions of user reactions from major web sources and social networks.


More than just words… it’s machine learning in action. Our recurrent neural networks recognises millions and millions of different word sequences.


We test all the updates against actual user reactions. We have solid proof that our emotional labels are correct.

How To Use EmoWatch

  • Select text for analysis

    Create some ideas for your ad or import social data

  • Run it through Emowatch

    Use Emowatch to predict peoples emotional responses

  • Reveal how people will react

    Uncover secrets impacting your brand, products and marketplace

  • Choose how you want to come across

    Hyper tune your text to meet your goals

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