5 July, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

This page has some useful answers to questions about our pricing plans. It covers both our API and Dashboard. Please contact us if you can’t find the answer you need.

Signing Up

How do I get access to your API or Dashboard?
Visit our Sign Up page to sign up for our API or Dashboard. They are all paid for on a monthly subscription basis using a credit or debit card.

Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, all of our API and Dashboard subscriptions offer a 1 month free trial.

Do I need a credit or debit card to sign up for a free trial?
Yes, you will still need to enter card details to activate the 1 month free trial, but you can cancel during that month if you don’t wish to proceed.


When will I be billed?
Monthly subscriptions are billed on the same day of the month you sign up. So if you sign up for our starter package on 5th December, the first month until 4th January will be free. Then on 5th January, you will be charged $50 and again on 5th February and so on.

Can I pay annually and/or up front?
No, we currently only offer monthly subscriptions.

API Call Limits

What happens if I go over my API call limit?
If you  go over your call limit for a month we will contact you and ask you to upgrade. We won’t cut off your access. We are quite flexible and forgiving.

Changing Plans

Can I upgrade to more API calls per month?
If you’d like to upgrade from e.g. the Starter to Pro subscriptions, then we will ask you to sign up again on our website to make another subscription. We’ll then cancel your original subscription. Your API key will remain the same.

Can I downgrade my plan?
Yes, if you are using less API calls than you thought, you can buy a lower subscription. and we’ll cancel the original one.


How do I cancel my subscription?
Let us know and we’ll cancel it for you. We can’t refund the remainder of the current month, but you will not be charged again for future months.